Why We Do It

Four independent trading card dealers show their enthusiasm for National Hockey Card Day during a live trade show event produced by Doug Laurie Sports in Barrie Ontario.

More than just being about Local

Currently it seems like everyone talks about the importance of shopping “Local”. Yet the reality is that the path to small business success is more difficult every day. You may WANT to shop local, but let’s face it – the likes of Amazon, Walmart and McDonalds offer powerful reasons why you should buy from them instead. How does a small business compete on price and resource depth? The short answer is it can’t. Not on its own at least.

At ETRdotTV our drive is to right this wrong. We have no illusions – this will be a marathon not a sprint and the task is large and complex. But we are chipping away every day.

The fact is that if we as a society do not succeed in making small business thrive, our communities and possibly even our democracy is at risk. Those are the stakes.

But all is not lost. Independent business has many inherent advantages too. Deeply catering to and knowing their customers is one differentiator that big business will always struggle with. That comes natural to the local shopkeeper.

At ETRdotTV we are committed to fight the good fight and bring practical ways to level the playing field in a way that independent business can not only succeed, but lead the way as the most desired channel for goods and services. And we’re starting with a delicious fresh breakfast – because this thing is going to take a LOT of energy!