What We Do

Actively Connecting Independent, Innovative and Interesting Business and People

The ETRdotTV founders have a wide gamut of experience and capability. So it is only natural that we offer quite an eclectic range of services to our customers and community. Our tagline is Life Success | Informed Buying | Fun, but we haven’t fully achieved that for ourselves or our stakeholders yet. We are getting closer every day however. The enablers we apply include useful technology and the power of pictures, light and sound.

Some Background

Most people that encounter ETRdotTV have asked what the heck the letters stand for. Well, they can mean many things (but absolutely NOT ‘Express Toll Route’ – Ron registered our URL before that highway got its name). The concept originated as a planned Internet TV channel years ago (and it will become one too, you will see that in a couple years). The channel was intended to support founder Ron’s involvement with employee recognition programs through his prior company Magnacom. So in the beginning the letters stood for ‘Engagement Through Recognition’. 

Now, the name has morphed into meaning Enjoy The Reward Television. We think that fits just about any scenario in business or private life. In other words, expend some effective effort and resources now, and there will be a payoff later. Perhaps the payoff is financial, or in time freed up or reduced future effort. And we telegraph the vision of that as well – hence the word Television does make sense in our name.

As far as the dotTV part, we always liked the idea of using the Internet’s Top Level Domain of .tv to complete the URL of a TV channel website. But here’s some trivia for you – and a trivia question too. The .tv domain was never intended to be anything to do with television. It was originally designated as a country TLD for a small island nation. The government of that country sold the rights to it back in the ’90s to a California company that figured they could sell website URL registrations with that domain. Now, contact us with the answer to this question: What country was it? The first 10 people to reach out to us with the correct answer will receive a $25 Bull and Barrel Pub gift card to use at Barrie Ontario’s best pub. If this offer is here on the website – it’s still good!

The Specifics

At ETRdotTV we deliver our services via three main groupings. The first and newest of these is our ETRdotTV Centre which is a physical gallery location in the heart of Toronto’s southcore, at the foot of Yonge Street at the water’s edge. Here, we showcase our collaborations with select partners. Currently, we are showing original artworks by Montreal artist Peter W. Hart, and Hockey Treasures from iconic brand Doug Laurie Sports. (at one time located within Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens) The artworks and memorabilia being shown at the ETRdotTV Centre are available for acquisition by discriminating buyers. Much more information can be found on the ETRdotTV Centre page on this website.

The next grouping is our ETRdotTV ThunderWAN service. This service actually predates the official launch of ETRdotTV as a registered business. We provide broadband Internet service dockside on Toronto’s downtown waterfront, at a marina, a yacht club, a café, and at a water taxi terminal. We plan on expanding this service to more locations on the waterfront as well as beyond, concentrating on underserved rural locations. Find out more on our dedicated ETRdotTV ThunderWAN page here.  

Finally, our third grouping of services is perhaps our most diverse and comprehensive. We refer to this as the ETRdotTV Channel. Yes, it’s not currently a TV channel (yet) but it is a channel on which we deliver services to independent, innovative, and interesting businesses. These services focus on the application of useful technology such as eCommerce websites, and added value Internet services like networked camera recording and IP Telephony. As with our ETRdotTV ThunderWAN offering, the technology we use is delivered by us – we are not a mere reseller of other company’s services. The other service focus of the ETRdotTV Channel is to help our customers with marketing and operations processes. These could range from managing social media, providing photography and live video streaming, providing events such as LIVE Trivia, to providing inventory and logistics services. We want to engage deeply with our like-minded business customers to leverage our capabilities and to help them solve problems and get results for their success goals. Find out more on the ETRdotTV Channel page.