Wing Ding Wham Bam Weekend Event Policy and Rules


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Wing Ding Wham Bam Weekend (The “Event”) with TEENAGE HEAD and Rock Solid Wrestling

Event takes place in the Foodland Plaza parking lot 52 Queen St. Cookstown L0L 1L0

June 1st and June 2nd


  1. From 4:30pm on Saturday June 1st until 8pm that day, you must be in possession of and wearing a verified event wristband to access or be in the concert event area or Cookstown Pub patio or inside premises.
  2. Alcohol is ONLY available in Cookstown Pub licensed areas adjacent to the concert event area and is not to be consumed outside of Cookstown Pub licensed areas. Cookstown Pub is a non-smoking establishment in all licensed areas.
  3. Because the event area will occupy Foodland Plaza parking spaces NO ONSITE VEHICLE PARKING WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THIS FREE EVENT WEEKEND. All parking is off-site. Please be mindful of traffic in and out of the plaza and on Queen St.
  4. South Simcoe Police will be onsite to enforce all laws.
  5. The event organizers, including Cookstown Pub reserve the right to restrict access to anyone for any reason, and to remove persons if deemed necessary, in the sole discretion of the event organizers and/or Cookstown Pub
  6. Videotaping and photography will be undertaken at the event, and you consent to your image being recorded for any lawful purpose. No video recording of TEENAGE HEAD is permitted without the express written permission of the Event organizers.
  7. By accepting free admission to the Event you release the Event organizers, including but not limited to: Cookstown Pub, District Pubs Company Ltd., ETRdotTV, Magnacom Canada Ltd., and all agents, contractors, and employees therof, from any and all liability for any injury or death, including hearing loss during the Event and you agree that you are attending the Event at your own discretion and risk, including while travelling to and from the Event, and that you waive any right to any compensation for any adverse experience that you may have during the Event or travelling to or from the Event, to the fullest extent of the law. If you are a minor, you must attend with an adult who has accepted the Event Policy and Rules
  8. For further event information please visit or for pub information please visit

Revised May 18, 2019