Captain Brian of the Make Trivia Great Again team trumped the competition in the lucky draw last week, and was rewarded with a prize pack of concert tickets.

This week is our Grand Finale week so get ready for some Great - more like Grand - Prizes for skill and luck! Every one of our Feature Partners will have a contribution toward the Grand Prize this week. Doug Laurie Sports. Impact Live, and Murdoch Travel!

Check out the Winning Advantage Question in the video and be sure to bring the answer and your team for one more game in Fall 2019! Thank you to all of our loyal players!


Second last week of the Fall 2019 season coming up!

Last week, Sean scored a $50 Gift Certificate from Doug Laurie Sports so thumbs went skyward. 

Get in on the action and get in on the game! Check out the Winning Advantage Question in the video and bring your answer this week.


When you are a competitor like Peter - a member of the team "Make Trivia Great Again" - you give it your best every single day. Sometimes that pays off, and you get teammates like Mark wanting to share your spotlight.

Sometimes it doesn't work out. That's when you claim it's "Fake News!". Luckily, last week the stars aligned and Peter was over the moon!

Regardless, never surrender! Check out and answer the Winning Advantage Question in the video and get in the game!


Another new comfort food special this week! Pass the pasta and don't walk past. We're going to have a wonderful week of winning!

Get your team and get them closer to that win. Just watch the video, look up the answer to the Winning Advantage Question that's in it, and let your server bring you a special that satisfies!

Hungry For More



When you come out to play this week, enjoy a new weekly food special. This week it's made-from-scratch meatloaf!

Of course, there are prizes to win too. With ETRdotTV LIVE trivia, you will satisfy both your mind and tummy cravings!

Grab a look at this week's Winning Advantage Question in the video, and we'll see you at the game!

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