Another Season Underway!



Welcome to our 7th season at Barrie's Bull and Barrel Pub, and our 3rd season at Innisfil's Cookstown Pub.

If you've played with us before, you'll know how much fun you can have on a Wednesday or Thursday evening in Simcoe County.

If you haven't played with us before, get a team together of 2 to 6 people who have more than their share of useless knowledge, and you will find out what all of the fun is about!

This is a LIVE game. No use of cell phones, no shouting out the answer (except during Candy Rounds) and no cheating. You could join our winner's circle every week. Prizes for skill and luck.

Join Quizmaster Brenda and Candyman Ron this week! But first, watch this short video to find out this week's Winning Advantage Question! Bring your answer to the game on Wednesday or Thursday.