We post these weekly videos because we want you to find out the answer to the Winning Advantage question that's in them, before you come to either of our Wednesday or Thursday LIVE Trivia sessions.

Last week a correct answer to the Winning Advantage question would have garnered you multiple game points. Who knows what will happen this week!

The wording of this week's question is a little tricky. It's not the "M" WORD that's naturally occurring - it's what that word denotes.


No need to be scared of Trick or Treat this week! Just come on out and play a couple of hours of LIVE trivia with Quizmaster Brenda Devine and Candyman Ron. We play for fun and prizes!

All of the location and time details are in the video. And, your Winning Advantage Question is there too. Bring the answer and your team out to one or both games this week.

We've got you covered regardless if you are in Innisfil or Barrie or anywhere in the County!

And you can be covered in your regular street clothes or dress up in a silly, sexy, or surreal costume. We welcome all!


Looking for another full house for our Barrie LIVE Trivia this week, and more engaged enthusiastic teams at our Innisfil Event.

Get all of the time and location details for this week's events, in the video.

AND don't forget to answer the Winning Advantage Question that you will find in it as well.

We'll see you this week in Barrie or in Innisfil!


Here in Simcoe County Ontario - and all over Canada - this week the use and possession of personal amounts of marijuana will be legal. This is certainly quite historic and something that many people never thought would happen. But it will happen!

It is doubtful that having a joint will help you with LIVE Trivia, but who knows? We'd rather enjoy the fine food and beverages at the Cookstown Pub or The Bull and Barrel Pub!

But before you do that, watch the video and get a free point by answering the Winning Advantage Question that is in it. It will help you get a "high" score this week!


Now that Canadian Thanksgiving has flown the coop, take a break from the turkey and come out for some pub favourites and refreshing bevvies.

While you're at it, take in some LIVE Trivia fun and challenge your fellow teams for valuable prizes.

Get a free point right now by checking out the Winning Advantage Question in the video.

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