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We are back for Week Two of summer heat at Toronto Island Marina. 

Continuing the plan for lighthearted fun in the sun, we resume CinemaTIM with a comedy classic, delivered on the full HD screens under the canopy.

And LIVE trivia continues next with even more prizes this week. 

Watch the video to get the details and don't forget to answer the Winning Advantage Question and bring that answer to this week's trivia.

Ev'ry 'ting irie mon!


Check out this week's upcoming ETRdotTV LIVE Events on Toronto Island.

Don't forget to bring your answer to the Winning Advantage Question in the video, along with your team, to Tuesday's LIVE Trivia at Toronto Island Marina. Your answer will get you closer to a prize!


For this week's Winning Advantage, we double your scoring opportunity with two points possible when you identify the song title and artist in the music clip.

After all, this is our Grand Finale week, with the valuable Grand Prize awarded at the Bull and Barrel Pub this Wednesday June 27th, and at the Cookstown Pub Co on Thursday July 5th*. Game time is 7pm at both locations.

A special thank you to Terra and Yvette, proprietors of the Cookstown Pub Co and the Bull and Barrel Pub. But most of all, we thank you, our friends and fans of LIVE trivia!

*NOTE As indicated, the game at Cookstown Pub Co is on Thursday July 5 NOT Thursday June 28, due to an event conflict.


We are one week away from our Spring 2018 Grand Finale night. 

Drop in to either of the Bull and Barrel Pub in Barrie, or the Cookstown Pub in Innisfil.

We will have more prizes from our Feature Partners to give away, and gift cards for the top teams.

Be sure to bring the answer to the Winning Advantage question from this video to your choice of game, Wednesday or Thursday at 7pm.

Help us celebrate! 


In search of answers, Quizmaster Jennifer took it to the streets this week.

Playing LIVE trivia is not for everyone, and it can be a little intimidating. But with the support of your team, with their diverse interests and knowledge, you will at least be challenged and have some fun.

That's what we are about - fun!

Watch the video to get your Winning Advantage question for this week, answer it, then come out and play for prizes. Choose Wednesday in Barrie at the Bull and Barrel Pub, or Thursday in Innisfil at the Cookstown Pub. Start time is 7pm on both days.

Why not give LIVE Trivia a try? Think of it as confidence building and learning with beer!

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