The questions and song clips in our weekly matches are professionally produced by an international team of know-it-alls and are licensed by ETRdotTV. They're not easy to answer correctly. That's why teams that achieve the best results are made up of people with diverse interests and ages. 

Watch the video to find out this week's Winning Advantage Question, then get your team together and play for prizes in lovely Simcoe County!


Here we go with another great season in Barrie and Innisfil!

Be sure to check out the video for your Winning Advantage Question, to well, get a winning advantage!

New prizes this season - get your teams together!


We are closing out the Summer of 2018 with LIVE events at two venues this week.

More fun, more socializing, and more prizes for what many consider to be one of the best Summers in recent memory.

Toronto Island is one of the crown jewels of our city, so be sure to enjoy some time on the island this week.

And check out the video for your Winning Advantage Question!


The formula for a great pub is pretty simple, but it's not easy to deliver consistently and with quality.

This video demonstrates how The Cookstown Pub Co is becoming a regional favourite that actually DOES deliver a great pub experience.

Visit the Cookstown Pub today. We are confident that it will be on your list of "go to" pubs after your first visit.


The summer heat is staying with us, and it certainly is welcome to stay a while longer.

We have two more weeks of ETRdotTV Live events on the island, so why not enjoy them while you can?

Check out the video for all of the details, and of course your Winning Advantage question for this Tuesday.

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