About ETRdotTV

Enjoy The Reward Television ETRdotTV is a commercial streaming video service operated by Magnacom and includes content that celebrates the joys of a successful and full life. Hence our tagline - Life Success | Informed Shopping | Fun

 We look for intersesting stories that demonstrate independent enterprise and innovative practice. We advocate for fairness in the marketplace and recognize companies that are not only good at making a profit, but are also great when measured on their relationships with people and the planet.

This is known as the Triple Bottom Line: People. Planet. Profit. That's the way capitalism is supposed to be - where hard work, preparation, and a little luck can give anyone the opportunity to Enjoy The Reward. Where companies do the right thing when it comes to their employees, customers, and the community. Where companies do their part in preservation of the planet. And where profit enables success for all stakeholders.

ETRdotTV will evolve over time - and may even change it's name in the future. For those viewers who wonder why we've changed our focus and no longer hold out the shingle of Employee Recognition, don't despair. Recognition is at the cornerstone of success - and it will be back, and stronger than ever on ETRdotTV - but first we are going with the flow and trying to get a broader appeal to our channel, so stay tuned.

Currently, almost all videos on ETRdotTV have been produced by Magnacom. We welcome on-topic submissions from qualified video producers.

Video sponsorship opportunities are available for many programs on ETRdotTV and can help you drive business and increase your brand awareness.

We enjoy hearing your comments. Please contact Ron Shaw with your questions and advice: ron.shaw@magnacom.ca